Stormwater Research Roadmap and Framework for Priority Needs for the Next Decade

Researchers, practitioners, and agency and organizational leaders require a systematic and robust approach to identify knowledge gaps in stormwater management to help Minnesota best address research needs and direct resources efficiently and effectively.   The goal of this component of the project is to develop an actionable stormwater research strategy or roadmap for the State for the next decade.

Stormwater Research Roadmap for Minnesota (2018) - Quick read brochure .pdf
Stormwater Research Roadmap for Minnsota (2018) - full report .pdf
Stormwater Research Roadmap for Minnesota - link to Digital Conservancy
Research Roadmap Final Appendices .pdf
SWRR Presentation - June 2018 .pdf
Stormwater Research Needs for Minnesota - Interim Report - July 2017 .pdf