Spring 2018 Resources and Publications

Estimating the Leaf Area Index of Crops through the Evaluation of 3D Models
Zermas, D., V. Morellas, D. Mulla and N. Papanikolopoulos
Financial and social elements of modern societies are closely connected to the
cultivation of corn. Due to the massive production of corn, deficiencies during the cultivation
process directly translate to major financial losses. The early detection and treatment of crops deficiencies is thus a task of great significance.

Global, Regional, and Megacity Trends in the Highest Temperature of the Year: Diagnostics and Evidence for Accelerating Trends
Papalexiou, S.M., A. AghaKouchak, K.E. Trenbert and Efi Foufoula-Georgiou - Earth's Future
Trends in short-lived high-temperature extremes record a different dimension of
change than the extensively studied annual and seasonal mean daily temperatures. They
also have important socioeconomic, environmental, and human health implications. Here, we present analysis of the highest temperature of the year for approximately 9000 stations globally, focusing on quantifying spatially explicit exceedance probabilities during the recent 50- and 30-year periods.

Sedimentary sulfur isotopes and Neoarchean ocean oxygenation
Fakhraee,  M., S.A. Crowe and S. Katsev - Science Advances, 2018
Abrupt disappearance of mass-independent fractionation of sulfur isotopes (MIF-S) from the
geologic record and an apparent ingrowth in seawater sulfate around 2.45 billion years ago
(Ga) signal the first large-scale oxygenation of the atmosphere [the Great Oxygenation Event(GOE)].

Compositions and Methods for C. Difficile Treatment
Hamilton, M.J., A. Khoruts, M..J Sadowsky and C.M. Staley - US Patent App. 15/258,821, 2018
The present disclosure provides compositions and methods for treating Clostridium
difficile infection (CDI) including primary and recurrent CDI. In particular, the compositions
and methods described herein are capable of achieving a CDI clearance rate of at least 80% through a single oral dose of a pharmaceutical composition comprising a freeze-dried fecal microbiota preparation.

Monitoring and Maintenance of Phosphate Adsorbing Filters
Erickson, A.J., P.T. Weiss and J.S. Gulliver- Journal of Environmental Engineering
Field installations of two iron-enhanced sand filters (IESFs), designed to remove phosphate and particulates from stormwater runoff, were monitored and maintained for 1–3 years. One application, a traditional IESF in an agricultural watershed, retained over 64% of the influent phosphate load, whereas the second, a pond perimeter IESF in a developing suburban watershed, retained 26%.

How or when samples are collected affects measured arsenic concentration in new drinking water wells
Erickson, M.L.,  H. F. Malenda and E. C. Berquist - Groundwater  DOI:10.1111/gwat.12643     
Since 2008, Minnesota well code has required testing water from new wells for arsenic. Sample collection protocols are not specified in the well code, so among 180 well drillers there is variability in sampling methods, including sample collection point and sample collection timing.