Minnesota Stormwater Seminar Series

The Minnesota Stormwater Seminar Series brings exemplars of advanced stormwater innovation and knowledge to Minnesota to share what they’ve learned and how they’ve pushed the boundaries in the stormwater arena. The monthly seminar series is dedicated to stormwater and green infrastructure topics with an emphasis on successes and lessons learned from field implementation and applied research and evaluation, specifically for an audience of stormwater practitioners and professionals. Each event includes a presentation, panel discussion and Q&A with participants. See the detailed schedule at right for topics, presenters, dates, and times. 

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Andy Erickson, P.E., Ph.D., Research Associate, St. Anthony Falls Laboratory, University of Minnesota, eric0706@umn.edu, 612-239-2046.
John Bilotta, Senior Research and Extension Coordinator, bilot002@umn.edu612-624-7708

The Stormwater Seminar Series is hosted by the St. Anthony Falls Lab and supported by the University of Minnesota Water Resources Center through an appropriation from the Clean Water Fund established by Minnesota Clean Water Land and Legacy Amendment.  

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Stormwater Seminar Schedule

2022 Stormwater Seminars Series

All seminars begin at 10am unless otherwise noted. Dates and times are subject to change.



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