Minnesota Stormwater Research Council


Photo credit: Brigitt Martin 

The Minnesota Stormwater Research Council (MSRC) is a not-for-profit organization established in 2016 to:

  • Facilitate the completion of needed applied research that enables more informed decisions about the use, management and protection of our water resources in urbanized areas.

  • Periodically assess the status of research, identify consensus research priorities, and communicate these to Minnesota’s public and private research agencies and organizations.

  • Promote coordination of research goals, objectives and funding among the research agencies and organizations.

The MSRC is an independent organization of stormwater professionals, practitioners, managers, engineers, researchers and others currently operating as an unincorporated association with the University of Minnesota Water Resources Center (WRC) as the fiscal agent.

MSRC Framework and Advisory Committee

2020 MSRC Framework describing the purpose, activities, and governance of the organization

2021-2023 Council Advisory Committee .docx

Program and Council Highlights

Highlights of the Research Council - 2019-2020 .pdf

October 1 MSRC Annual meeting presentation .pdf

Request for Research Funding .pdf

Highlights of the Research Council 2017-18 .pdf

MSRC Full Council Meeting Information

2020 Full council meeting:

October 2020 Full council meeting Zoom video recording (45 minutes)  (link to Zoom MP4 file)

July 2019 MSRC Council Meeting Video including mid-project presentations Note: This is a 3+ hour video, however you may scan ahead and watch any of the individual presentations.

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