Benjamin Page

Research Fellow
173 McNeal Hall, 1985 Buford Avenue
+1 612 626 2397
1 612 625 1263

Benjamin Page has an extensive background in satellite-based remote sensing and geospatial analysis over inland waters. After earning his M.S. degree in Geography from the University of Georgia while participating as a project lead at NASA DEVELOP, he joined NASA SERVIR as a regional science associate, evaluating the capacities of mapping institutions to implement applicable satellite-based remote sensing strategies for the continuous monitoring of inland water quality in developing regions. Benjamin joined the Water Resources Center at University of Minnesota in March, 2018, where he now focuses on calibrating Landsat and Sentinel imagery for the characterization of optically active constituents within Minnesota’s > 10,000 inland water bodies for monitoring purposes (

Research focus:

Atmospheric correction and satellite-based bio-optical algorithm development for optically complex inland waters

Lake-ice phenology using space-borne synthetic aperture radar

Transferring developed automated procedures from cloud-based image processing systems to a supercomputing environment

Aquatic optics

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