Stormwater research council highlights research, outcomes for 2019-2020

The Minnesota Stormwater Research Council in collaboration with the Minnesota Stormwater Research Program recently released a highlight of efforts on urban stormwater research. 

The Council and the Program supports applied research and provides efforts in education on  urban stormwater management to prevent, minimize and mitigate the effect of runoff from the built environment. “The research, coupled with Extension education and technology transfer informs public and private sector professionals at all levels as they plan and implement stormwater systems,” says Senior Research and Extension Coordinator John Bilotta.

 A research highlight brochure is available online.  Copies are available upon request.

 Recently completed projects:

Draft stormwater geospatial data standard: pilot and proof-of-concept (2020) Geoffrey Maas, Metropolitan Council

Effectiveness of sump manholes for pretreatment particulate removal (2020) John Chapman, UMN Bioproducts and Biosystems Engineering

Temporal dynamics of pathogens and antibiotic resistance in raw and treated stormwater (2020) Satoshi Ishii, UMN Soil, Water, and Climate - ongoing with project extension

Developing a street sweeping credit for stormwater phosphorus source reduction  (2020) Sarah Hobbie, UMN Ecology, Evolution and Behavior

In 2020, nine new projects were funded and are now underway including the following: 

Biofiltration Media Optimization – Phase II: Multi-Year Performance, Impacts of Road Salt, and Optimized Organic Ratio Andrew Erickson, UMN St. Anthony Falls Laboratory  

Evaluation of Microbial and Chemical Contaminant Removals in Different Stormwater Reuse Systems Satoshi Ishii, UMN Soil, Water, and Climate

Equipping Municipalities with Climate Change Data to Inform Stormwater Management Christina Locke, UMN Humphrey School of Public Affairs

Find out more about all the projects online