Summer 2015 Student News

Universities Council on Water Resources (UCOWR) Board of Directors selected Megan Kelly (WRS graduate 2014) as the first place recipient of the 2015 PH.D Dissertation Award in the category of Natural Science and Engineering. Kelly will attend the 2015 UCOWR/NIWR/CUAHSI Conference, Water is Not for Gambling:  Utilizing Science to Reduce Uncertainty where she will deliver her dissertation research. 

Logan Bailey received his MS degree in March 2015. His thesis was titled: The effect of high sulfate loading on methylmercury production, partitioning, and transport in mining-impacted freshwater sediments and lakes in northeastern Minnesota. Bailey was advised by Nathan Johnson.

Ryan Birkemeier received his MS degree in April 2015. His thesis was titled: Determining the Potential Hydrologic Impacts of Oil Development on a Small Stream Crossing in the Western North Dakota Badlands. Birkemeier was advised by Joe Magner and John Nieber.

Jennifer Rittenhouse received her MS degree in February 2015. Her thesis was titled: Sorption-Desorption, Leaching, and Bioavailability of Aminocyclopyrachlor in Soil. Rittenhouse was advised by Pamela Rice.

Seth Thompson received his MS degree in February 2015. His thesis was titled: Extractability of carbon, nitrogen, and phosphorus in United States grasslands. Thompson will continue in the WRS program as a Ph.D. student and is advised by James Cotner.