Summer 2022 Student News

Matthew Belanger presented a poster entitled Assessing the implications of chloride from land application of manure at the World Congress of Soil Science, July 2022, Glascow Scotland. Belanger is advised by Melissa Wilson.

Ellie Hill presented a poster entitled A High-throughput Microfluidic qPCR Platform for Simultaneous Quantification of Fecal Indicator Bacteria, Microbial Source Tracking Markers, and Pathogens in Environmental Waters at the Frontiers in Hydrology Conference,  June 2022, San Juan, Puerto Rico. Hill is advised by Satoshi Ishii and Chan Lan Chun.

Xiang Li presented Regionalization in a global hydrologic deep learning model: from physical descriptors to random vectors at the American Society for Microbiology Microbe Conference, June 2022, Houston Texas. Li is advised by John Nieber.

Victor Teng presented Are Long-Short-Term Memory (LSTM) Model Simulations of Watershed Discharge Improved when Water Storage Is Included as Input? The Case Study at Rum River Watershed, MN at the 2022 World Environmental and Water Resources Congress, June 2022, Atlanta, Georgia. Teng is advised by John Nieber.

New WRS faculty

Alexander Frie (Duluth) - Affiliate Member - Research and Fellowship Coordinator, Minnesota Sea Grant
Gregory Sass (Duluth) - Affiliate Member - Fisheries Research Team Lead, Wisconsin DNR