Summer 2020 Community News

In memoriam
Dwight Brown, 
(Geography, Environment & Society) died June 19, 2020. Brown was interim Director at what was then known as the Water Resources Research Center in 1985, prior to the selection of Patrick Brezonik as Director. At that time the WRRC was housed in the Graduate School. Brown continued to be active in the water resources community and was involved with Brezonik and others in developing the Water Resources Science graduate program, first as a minor around 1991 and then as a major in 1995. Brezonik remembers Brown as "A thoughtful person, full of ideas, great to work with, and overall a very nice fellow," with whom he co-taught a water quality class for nearly ten years. 

John Gulliver and Ray Hozalski (WRS faculty, CE) received funding for the project Tire Derived Aggregate for Stormwater Treatment  from MnDRIVE- Minnesota’s Discovery, Research, and InnoVation Economy, UMN. Gulliver and Bruce Wilson (WRS faculty, BBE) received funding for the project Climate Change Adaptation of Urban Stormwater Infrastructure from the Minnesota Department of Transportation and Gulliver and Jacques Finlay (WRS faculty, EEB) received funding for the project Evaluate Effectiveness of Storm Ponds and Wetlands for Water Quality  from the Minnesota Local Road Research Board.

Amit Pradhananga and Mae Davenport (WRS faculty, Center for Changing Landscapes, Forest Resources) with Emily Green were awarded UCOWR Paper of the Year:
Cultural Narratives on Constraints to Community Engagement in Urban Water Restoration
Journal of Contemporary Water Research & Education
Issue 166, April 2019
The UCOWR Paper of the Year is chosen as most outstanding among the many papers accepted and published by UCOWR in the Journal of Contemporary Water Research and Education.

Anne Sawyer joins the Extension water team August 3, 2020. Sawyer will be  based in Farmington, with an emphasis on watershed education. Sawyer has been a University of Minnesota Extension Educator for On-Farm Food Safety in Horticultural Systems since 2018, helping Minnesota gardeners and commercial growers to minimize microbial contamination in fresh produce. Sawyer earned her Ph.D in Soil Science from the University of Minnesota in 2017, where she studied nutrient management and microbiology in switchgrass grown for bioenergy. She also has a BA in Geology from Carleton College and an MS in Watershed Science from Colorado State University. 

Jeff Strock (WRS faculty, SWAC) was awarded the The Soil and Water Conservation Society’s Chair’s Leadership Award in recognition of exemplary assistance in helping to carry out the goals and objectives of the Soil and Water Conservation Society. “There have been a total of 42 symposiums, with tremendous impact presented at both societies, SWCS and SSSA. Jeff has put in a great amount of work the past six years to put together 12 of those symposiums.” – Jorge Delgado.
SWCS is a nonprofit scientific and educational organization, based in Iowa,  that serves as an advocate for conservation professionals and for science-based conservation practice, programs, and policy.