Summer 2018 Community News

John Downing (Director, Minnesota Sea Grant, Biology UMN-D) has joined the Water Resources Science faculty. Downing’s research interests include: Limnology, aquatic ecology, biogeochemistry, fisheries, lake management and restoration, eutrophication, harmful algae blooms, groundwater, biodiversity, endangered species, carbon cycling, global role of lakes and streams.

Kari Lamp was hired at the Water Resources Center as a Finance Professional 1.

Ann Lewandowski (WRC) was the recipient of the CFANS Professional and Academic Award for Research at the CFANS Spring College Assembly May 9, 2018. The award recognized Lewandowski’s work and her role in elevating the public profile of the Water Resources Center. Lewandowski was part of the team that researched and created the statewide Phosphorus Index published in 2008 and which is still in use today. "Ann consistently goes out of her way to engage stakeholders and always exceeds expectations," said CFANS Dean Brian Buhr as he presented the award.

Benjamin Page has been hired as a WRC Research Fellow, to work with Leif Olmanson (Remote Sensing and Geospatial Analysis Laboratory) and David Porter (Minnesota Supercomputing Institute=MSI) on WRC-housed grant projects related to remote sensing and mapping of lake water quality. These projects will contribute to the emerging Digitial Water Initiative, a joint effort of the WRC and MSI. Page earned his B.S. degree in biology from the University of Minnesota-Duluth, and completed the M.S. program at the University of Georgia in geography. For his M.S. research, he developed algorithms for atmospheric correction and satellite techniques to assess cyanobacteria bloom phenology. He also worked on geospatial data projects for NASA's DEVELOP and SERVIR programs, with a recent focus on remote sensing to monitor inland water quality with applications to the African Great Lakes.