Summer 2016 Student News

Shanna Rae Braun received her M.S. degree in March 2016. Braun was advised by Chris Lenhart and Kenneth Brooks.

Michael Harris received his M.S degree in April 2016. Harris was advised by Lucinda Johnson.

Larissa Herrera received her M.S. degree in April 2016. Her thesis was titled: Identifying the Impacts of Excess Fine Sediment on Benthic Macroinvertebrate Communities. Herrera was advised by Valerie Brady.

Jenny Jasperson received her M.S. degree in February 2016. Her thesis was titled: Seasonal and Flood-Induced Variations in Groundwater-Surface Water Exchange Dynamics in a Shallow Aquifer System: Amity Creek, MN. Jasperson was advised by Karen Gran and Joe Magner.

Larissa Scott received a summer travel grant of $575. Scott is attending and doing a poster for her preliminary results from the Stewart River for the Techniques for Stream-Groundwater Investigations Workshop, in Crested Butte, CO, in August 2016.

Orientation for incoming WRS students will be on August 29th for Duluth, and August 31st here in St. Paul for TC students.