Fall 2019 Student News

University of Minnesota Duluth Water Resources Science student Kirsten Rhude was named by Minnesota Sea Grant as their 2020 finalist for the National Sea Grant John A. Knauss Marine Policy Fellowship. Sea Grant’s Knauss Fellowship matches nationally selected finalists with host offices of the federal government for a one-year, non-renewable paid fellowship. Legislative fellows are selected to work in the United States House of Representatives and U.S. Senate in either personal or committee offices. Rhude is advised by Bob Sterner.

Yousef Aly received his PhD degree March 2019.  His dissertation was entitled: Enhanced Adsorption of Perfluoro Alkyl Substances in Groundwater; Development of a Novel In-Situ Groundwater Remediation Method.  Aly was advised by Matt Simcik.

Brad Gordon received his PhD degree May 2019.  His dissertation was entitled: Hydrology, Nutrient Removal, and Cost Effectiveness of Small, Edge-of-Field Tile Drainage Treatment Wetlands.  Gordon was advised by Chris Lenhart.

Chris Kucek received his MS degree May 2019.  Kucek was advised by Joe Magner.

Carolyn Shull received her MS degree August 2019.  Her thesis was entitled: A tunnel speleothem based stable-isotope record of Atlantic Multi-Decadal Oscillation forcing of precipitation in the Midlands, United Kingdom.  Shull was advised by Howard Mooers.

Tiffany Sprague received her MS degree May 2019.  Sprague was advised by George Host

Kinzey Stoll received her MS degree June 2019.  Her thesis was entitled: Isotopic Signatures of Precipitation and Streams along the North Shore of Lake Superior.  Stoll was advised by Salli Dymond.

Seth Thompson received his PhD degree June 2019.  His dissertation was entitled: Decomposition and Production of Dissolved Organic Matter by Aquatic Bacteria.  Thompson was advised by Jim Cotner.

Justin Wiese received his MS degree  August 2019.  Wiese was advised by Mike Sadowsky.