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Boons or Boondoggles: An Assessment of Salton Sea Water Importation Proposals
Levers, L. D.Story and K. Schwabe
In press at California Agriculture, 2019

Several ways to address the looming ecological disaster that is the Salton Sea have been proposed—including ocean water importation proposals. We estimate the relative monetary costs for a “Cortés-to-Salton” proposal importing Sea of Cortés water to the Salton Sea and compare that with the costs of an “Ag-to-Environment” proposal transferring water from agricultural users to the Salton Sea. We find that transferring water from agriculture is substantially cheaper than the Cortés-to-Salton plan. Additionally, all the infrastructure for leasing water currently exists which means, physically, water transfers could begin immediately, an increasingly important characteristic given the present and increasing environmental and human health damages.

'Moving the Needle': Improving Water Quality in Minnesota While Developing Our Agricultural Economy
During Governor Mark Dayton’s Year of Water Action, the Water Resources Center convened a series of Water Science and Policy Salons to identify policy strategies that will provide significant movement towards meeting the goals put forth in the Minnesota Nutrient Reduction Strategy. Participants in the Salons were some of the best minds in agriculture research, economics, policy, and agribusiness. Their objective was to develop scientifically-based strategies that would have measurable and meaningful impact on water for the long term, while protecting and strengthening the agricultural economy by leveraging existing agricultural markets and institutions and developing new markets that support clean water. The priorities identified were presented to Governor Dayton to consider to meet his announced goal of a 25% improvement in water quality by 2025.

Minnesota Water Sustainability Framework

Commissioned by the 2009 Minnesota State Legislature, this comprehensive framework presents recommendations to protect and preserve Minnesota's lakes, rivers and ground water for the 21st century and beyond.

Guide to Aquatic Invertebrates of the Upper Midwest
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