Winter 2015 Student News

Lucas Gloege received his MS Degree in August 2014. Gloege's thesis was titled: Modeling Near-Inertial Waves in Lake Superior. Gloege was advised by Jay Austin.

Nikol Ross received her MS Degree in September 2014. Her thesis was titled: Constructed Wetland Used to Treat Nitrate Pollution Generated from Agricultural Tile Drainage Waters in Southern Minnesota. Ross was advised by Chris Lenhart and Joe Magner.

Leah Smith received her MS Degree in July 2014. Her thesis title was: BMP Nutrient and Sediment Reductions and Implementation Strategies for the Prioritization, Targeting, and Measuring Water Quality Improvement Application (PTMA). Smith was advised by Joe Magner.

Jill Coleman Wasik received her Ph.D. in July 2014. Her dissertation was titled: The Effect of Atmospheric Sulfate Deposition on Mercury Biogeochemistry in an Experimental Peatland: Impacts, Recovery, and Natural Variability. Coleman Wasik was advised by Daniel Engstrom.

Brittany Kruger received her Ph.D. in August 2014. Her dissertation was titled: Sources, Cycling, and Fate of Organic Matter in Large Lakes: Insights from Stable Isotope and Radiocarbon Analysis in Lakes Malawi and Superior. Kruger was advised by Josef Werne.

Hongyu Li received her Ph.D. in August 2014. Her dissertation was titled: Organic Matter Biogeochemical Characteristics in Lake Superior: Insights into Composition, Source and Reactivity. Li was advised by Elizabeth Austin-Minor.

Jiying Li received his Ph.D. in September 2014. His dissertation was titled: Sediment diagenesis in large lakes Superior and Malawi, geochemical cycles and budgets and comparisons to marine sediments. Li was advised by Sergei Katsev.

Shahram Missaghi received his Ph.D. in August 2014. His dissertation was titled: Three dimensional water quality modeling in a shallow lake with complex morphometry; implications for coolwater fish habitat under changing climate. Missaghi was advised by Lorin Hatch.

A WRS Retreat is scheduled for March 21-22 at the Audubon Center. The retreat is open to WRS faculty and students interested in participating. Anyone with questions should

New Faculty:

Tedy Ozersky - Assistant Professor, UMD Biology. & Large Lakes Observatory
Courses Taught: Biology 2801 (General Ecology)

Kyungsoo Yoo - Associate Professor, of Soil, Water, and Climate
Courses Taught: LAAS 5515 (Soil Formation) & ESPM 2021 (Environmental Sciences)

Thomas Hollenhorst - Research Fellow, UMD-NRRI