Winter 2014 Student News

Megan Kelly received her Ph. D. in August 2013. Her dissertation was titled: The environmental fate of the phytoestrogens genistein and daidzein. Kelly was advised by William Arnold.

Jennifer Meester received her M. S. degree in September 2013. Meester was advised by Martin Saar.

Molly O’Beirne received her M. S. degree August 2013. Her thesis was titled: Anthropogenic Climate Change has Driven Lake Superior Productivity Beyond the Range of Holocene Variability: An Organic and Stable Isotopic Study of Human Impacts on a Pristine Biogeochemical System. O’Beirne was advised by Josef Werne and Erik Thorson Brown.

Benjamin Underhill received his M. S. degree in August 2013. His thesis was titled: The Influence of Vegetation and Root Density on Erosion for Three Streams in Minnesota. Underhill was advised by Chris Lenhart and John Nieber.

Molly Wick received her M. S. degree in October 2013. Her thesis was titled: Identifying Erosional Hotspots in Streams Along the North Shore of Lake Superior, Minnesota using High-Resolution Elevation and Soils Data. Wick was advised by Karen Gran.