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Director's Corner - a message from WRC Director Jeff Peterson


Retirement just a change of course on Faye Sleeper’s road map

Faye Sleeper decided early on that being a woman was not going to limit her life choices. Her father taught her to change tires and motor oil and she was her own bike mechanic. Her parents’ life and work ethic of fairness and kindness to all, cautious optimism and unwavering stewardship for the earth, had a profound effect on their daughter who carried those lessons into her life and work.

Meeting Minnesota’s Needs for Stormwater Research
Reducing and preventing impact from urban stormwater runoff
By John Bilotta Extension Water Team

University of Minnesota researchers are working to meet the immediate and ongoing need for additional research in stormwater management, practices, and policies for Minnesota.
One project is the Stormwater Research Roadmap to articulate and prioritize research needs that can propel stormwater management and practice implementation forward to reduce and prevent pollution from urban stormwater runoff.

HABs explained: what, how and what now?
By Shahram Missaghi Extension Water Team and Marte Kitson 

Algae blooms can turn the water green and smelly, and contribute to fish kills by creating dead zones in the water. At times, algae bloom also produce toxins that pose serious health risks to people and animals, and these algae are referred to as Harmful Algal Blooms or HABs. Blue-green algae or Cyanobacteria are one of the major types of HABs that are also found in Minnesota. 

Universities Council on Water Resources awards Deborah Swackhamer the Warren A. Hall Medal

The Universities Council on Water Resources (UCOWR) has awarded Deborah Swackhamer (former WRC co-director) the Warren A. Hall Medal in honor of her lifetime achievements in water resources research and education. Dr. Warren A. Hall, known worldwide for his active involvement in water resources research and education, was one of the founders of UCOWR. The Warren A. Hall Medal is a memorial established by friends and family to recognize exceptional accomplishments and distinction of an individual in the water resources field. 

Water science and policy salon present priorities to Governor Dayton

During Governor Mark Dayton’s Year of Water Action, the Water Resources Center convened a series of Water Science and Policy Salons to identify policy strategies that will provide significant movement towards meeting the goals put forth in the Minnesota Nutrient Reduction Strategy.

Sleeper honored amid climate awards at National Adaptation Forum

Mark Seeley, climatologist with the UMN Department of Soil Water and Climate, handed out Climate Adaption awards at the May 2017 National Adaptation Forum in St. Paul. Seeley began the award portion of the program by presenting an award to recently retired WRC Associate Director Faye Sleeper


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