Summer 2013 Student News

Kyle Donovan received his M. S. Degree in December, 2012. His thesis was titled: Impacts of Perennial Vegetation and Restored Wetlands have on an Agricultural Watershed in Southwestern Minnesota. Donovan was advised by Ken Brooks and Joe Magner.

Jessica Eichmiller received her Ph.D. in November 2012. Her dissertation was titled: The Distribution and Persistence of Genetic Markers of Fecal Pollution on Lake Superior Beaches. Eichmiller was advised by Mike Sadowsky and Randall Hicks.

Joel Groten received his M. S. Degree in December 2012. His thesis was titled: Karst Hydrogeologic Investigation of Trout Brook, Dakota County, Minnesota. Groten was advised by Calvin Alexander Jr. and Joe Magner.

Matthew Kistner received his M. S. Degree in February 2013. His thesis was titled: Organic Carbon Reactivity in Lake Superior. Kistner was advised by Sergei Katsev.

Scott Kronholm was awarded The Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship Grant which provides $600 plus conference registration fee for Doctoral Dissertation fellows to present his work at one national or international conference during tenure on the fellowship. The Fellowship is intended to enable Ph.D. candidates of particular promise to devote full-time effort to the research and writing of their dissertation during 2013-14. Kronholm is advised by Paul Capel.

Amanda Strommer received her M. S. Degree February 2013. Her thesis was titled: Communication and Public Outreach about Emerging Contaminants In Public Drinking Water Supplies In Minnesota. Strommer was advised by Kristen Nelson and James Almendinger.