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A message from WRC Director Jeff Peterson


Minnesota Water Resources Conference: Questions about Flint, solutions to ag pollution and a visit from the Governor

A record-setting attendance of over 700 attendees and a first-time appearance from a sitting Minnesota governor, set the tone for an eventful and instructive 2016 Minnesota Water Resources Conference.

Mysteries in the sediment: UMD’s Nathan Johnson is focused on the St. Louis River Estuary’s complex mercury problem

Just south of Duluth, Minnesota, the St. Louis River Estuary forms a 12,000 acre network of critical habitat for North American wildlife, water and migratory birds, and native plants and fish. Located at the confluence of the St. Louis River and Lake Superior, the estuary also plays a key role in Minnesota’s wild rice trade, commercial fishing industry, and cultural and recreational heritage.  

WRS student Brian Bohman tracks increased sedimentation in Minnesota River

Research on non-point source water quality issues is not just confined to the academic setting for members of the Water Resources Science (WRS) program. Carrie Jennings, Research and Policy Director at Freshwater Society and WRS Adjunct Assistant Professor in the Department of Earth Sciences, and Brian Bohman, WRS M.S. student and Research and Policy Intern at Freshwater Society, are working together to cross traditional disciplinary and academic boundaries. Through collaboration at Freshwater Society, the two are applying recent research findings to help the Lower Minnesota River Watershed District (LMRWD) identify the sources of and solutions to their problem of excess in-channel sedimentation.


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