Fall 2013 Community News

William Arnold (WRS faculty, CE) will spend the 2013-2014 academic year on sabbatical at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, working with Liz Kujawinski to investigate the chemical composition of dissolved organic matter.

Larry Baker (WRS faculty, BBE) presented “Envisioning resilient futures for urban water and wastes,” at the Past, Present, and Future Design of Infrastructures for a Resilient Society symposium, organized by T. Carter and E. Ellis for the 2013 Conference of the Ecological Society of America, St. Paul, MN, August, 2013. Baker also presented “Rethinking nutrient management in cities,” at the International Low Impact Development (LID) Symposium, St. Paul, MN, August 8-13, 2013.

The American Society of Agronomy selected the newly revised UM Extension Manure Management and Air Quality website for an Award of Excellence and will be featured at the annual meetings of ASA-CSSA-SSSA. The website revision was led by Jose Hernandez (UM Extension) and financed as part of a McKnight Foundation grant funded project on grid soil sampling to guide manure application led by Les Everett (WRC, Education Coordinator). Case studies from the grid soil sampling project are featured on the website www.manure.umn.edu.

John Gulliver (WRS faculty, CE) was awarded two 319 grants from the U.S. EPA via the state of Minnesota: "Performance of an Agricultural Drain Tile filter" and "Internal phosphorus Load Reduction with Iron Filings.

Sergei Katsev (LLO, UMD) and Anders Noren (LacCore) traveled to Rwanda in March 2013 and recovered a set of sediment cores from Lake Kivu, to perform geochemical analyses and reconstruct the history of possible limnic eruptions in the lake. The funding was provided by a MacArthur Foundation grant to R.E. Hecky.

Ann Lewandowski (WRC, Research Fellow) gave a presentation titled "Using LiDAR Data to Advance Local Conservation Work" at the annual conference of the Soil and Water Conservation Society in Reno, Nevada on July 23, 2013. Lewandowski reviewed methods of acquisition for digital elevation data via LiDAR laser technology, the statewide LiDAR acquisition project in Minnesota, and the recently completed training program on use of digital elevation data for conservation work. Ann's coauthors were Les Everett and Tim Loesch (DNR).

The Water Resources Center (WRC) assisted in the adaptation of Minnesota’s Road Salt Manual and other training materials for use by Michigan Department of Transportation plow drivers. WRC co-director Faye Sleeper partnered with Fortin Consulting, Michigan State Extension, and University of Wisconsin Extension, transferring the basics of the Minnesota Winter Maintenance Program to Michigan. The program introduces environmental protection into winter road maintenance. Sleeper and Fortin Consulting worked with an advisory committee established by Michigan State Extension to develop a syllabus, Winter Maintenance manual and other training materials, certification and a website based on Minnesota's experience, adapted for Michigan. Michigan Department of Transportation, Michigan State Extension and others hope to develop a long term program containing some of the same elements as Minnesota's program.

Deb Swackhamer (WRC co-director) has been named to the National Academy of Science/National Research Council Committee on Strengthening the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Laboratory Enterprise, which begins work in September.