The Water Resources Center has created a new forum for sharing water resource events and opportunities among faculty and staff across the University of Minnesota. The e-newsletter is named the “Confluence” to imply the convergence and mixing of the broad range of water resource work at the University. The water community is spread across perhaps two dozen departments and numerous colleges and institutes. Researchers are studying groundwater, soil water, surface water, stormwater, and atmospheric water. They address rural to urban issues in Minnesota, the U.S. and abroad. They work at scales from small sites, to lakes, to watersheds, to the globe, examining interactions with agriculture, energy, the economy, and the environment. They reach out to partners at all levels of government, in the private sector, and to individual landowners and consumers. The Confluence is a place for these diverse interests to see how others are addressing the grand challenges related to our water resources. Subscribe to Confluence 

Confluence January 24, 2018 Issue 57
Confluence January 17, 2018 Issue 56
Confluence January 10, 2018 Issue 55
Confluence January 4, 2018 Issue 54
Confluence December 29, 2017 Issue 53
Confluence December 13, 2017 Issue 52
Confluence December 6, 2017 Issue 51

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