Minnesota Terrestrial Carbon Sequestration Initiative

Project Staff

Project Manager: Cheryl Miller


  • University of Minnesota
    • Water Resources Center
    • Initiative for Renewable Energy and Environment (IREE)
  • Excel Energy Foundation
  • MN Department of Agriculture
  • USDA-Natural Resource Conservation Service
  • Blandin Foundation
  • State of Minnesota General Fund

Project Duration

July 2005 - February 2009


The Minnesota Terrestrial Carbon Sequestration Initiative develops and disseminates pertinent information about biological carbon sequestration in ecosystems in Minnesota. It provides a forum for academic, government, and general audiences on a range of ecological, economic, and institutional issues. The goal of the Initiative is to identify, test, and build support for carbon management strategies that benefit rural economies, regional environments, and the climate. The approaches used are to:

  • Assemble and report scientific information on carbon sequestration in forests, agricultural lands, and conservation areas;
  • Estimate costs and benefits of carbon-enhancing land uses and management practices;
  • Identify public policy options for increasing carbon sequestration in the state; and
  • Engage diverse sector groups in identifying and implementing optimal carbon sequestration strategies for Minnesota.

For more information, contact:

Cheryl Miller
E-mail: camiller@umn.edu
Phone: (651) 653-8133