Value of Manure

Project Staff: 

Les Everett, Jose Hernandez and Ann Lewandowski, WRC, University of Minnesota


USEPA Clean Water Act (319)

Project Duration: 

November 2008 – September 2011


The goal of this project is to promote the precise use of manure nutrients to achieve economic and environmental benefits. The goal will be met by 1) revising a computer spreadsheet for calculating the value of manure on individual farms, 2) presenting small-group educational workshops around the state to assist producers and professionals in determining the value of manure in their operations, and 3) conducting on-farm research addressing the timing of manure applications.


The Manure Value Calculator

The "What is Manure Worth?" Excel spreadsheet has been developed over several years to calculate the value of manure as a replacement for commercial fertilizers under a range of application rates and methods, crop nutrient needs, application costs, and fertilizer prices. It was recently revised to make it more user-friendly. More information and to download the file.


Small-group workshops are underway across the state for farmers and other agricultural professionals. Presenters will explain the factors impacting the economic value of manure and how to maximize manure value. Participants will learn how to use the “What is Manure Worth” worksheet and use their own data to analyze the economics of their own manure management practices. Participants are recruited by local UM extension staff, County Feedlot Officers, producer organizations, and staff of Soil and Water Conservation Districts. If you would like to host a workshop, see the workshop brochure or contact:

Les Everett
Phone: 612-625-6751


On-farm and on-station research plots are being established to measure the response of corn to a range of timings of manure application.