Karst Campaign for Clean Water, Productive Soil, and Profitable Farms

Project Staff: 

Principal Investigator: James Anderson, Co-Director, Water Resources Center and Professor, Department of Soil, Water, and Climate, University of Minnesota


The overall goal of the "Karst Campaign" is to promote clean water, productive soil, and profitable farms through a comprehensive educational strategy targeted for the karst region of southeastern Minnesota. The objectives of this project would help local units of government build local capacity to educate agricultural audiences about farming impacts on surface and drinking water in the karst region, and voluntary ways of reducing these impacts consistent with profitable farming.

To achieve these goals, tailored educational products and events focusing on the following four themes will be created for delivery at three spatial scales through local and regional government units and organizations, schools, and mass media:

  • "Karst Campaign" project curricula for use in ten county Extension programs and activities;
  • Feedlot siting and design criteria specific for karst topography. This project will serve as an outreach mechanism for guidelines developed for manure storage facilities in areas susceptible to soil collapse and sinkhole formation;
  • Agricultural Best Management Practice (BMP) guidelines to attain TMDL requirements in the karst region; and
  • Wellhead Protection Planning and Private Well Protection in the karst region for use by communities