Conservation Drainage Workshops and Field Tours

Sponsored by the Minnesota Department of Agriculture and other partners
Weather patterns are changing, demand for agricultural productivity keeps rising, and people want flood protection and healthy water for future generations. In response, new approaches to agricultural drainage are being developed by counties, watershed districts, researchers, and landowners. These “conservation drainage” approaches can make farmland more productive, reduce flood risk, and reduce impacts on the environment such as excess nutrients.

Attend these workshops and field tours to learn about conservation strategies and to hear how other communities have built partnerships to meet multiple water management goals.

Who should attend? Anyone who is thinking about installing tile drainage, contractors, drainage authorities, local government employees, and consultants who implement drainage practices and policies.

August 28 - August 29, 2012 Hankinson, ND

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Gary Sands (UMN) - "Tile Drainage: Hydrology and the RRB"

Chuck Fritz (IWI) - "Briefing Paper #2: Water Management Options for Subsurface Drainage"

Sonia Jacobsen (NRCS) - "Conservation Drainage Planning"

Al Kean (BWSR) - "Conservation Drainage Management Program Grants"

July 31st to August 1st, 2012 Granite Falls, MN

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Doug Albin - “What it takes to plan a drainage project

Lucas Youngsma, Skip Wright (DNR) – “Outlets, streambank processes and cumulative impacts

Gary Sands (University of Minnesota) – “Tiling depth and spacing: economics and environmental aspects

Dan Jaynes (USDA) – “Saturated buffers

Dave Craigmile – “Geography, Coteau Rivers & Agriculture

Marilyn Bernhardson (Redwood County Soil and Water Conservation District) – “Building Partnerships for Multiple Water Goals

Patrick Moore (Clean-Up the River Environment) – “Building Partnerships for Multiple Water Goals

Kyle Skov (Board of Water and Soil Resources) – “Conservation Drainage Funding and Training Opportunities”

Michelle Legatt (Natural Resources Conservation Service) - “Conservation Drainage Funding and Training Opportunities”

Roger Risser (Watonwan County) - “Drainage Records Modernization”

Bob Moline (Murray County Commissioner and Area II Chair) – “Area II Minnesota River Basin Projects

Henry Van Offlen (Minnesota Center for Environmental Advocacy) – “Implementing conservation practices to provide multipurpose benefits at the watershed scale: The need for strategic coordination and approaches to getting it done”

Chris Lenhart (University of Minnesota) – “Bank Stabilization Approaches

Chuck Brandel (I&S Group), Craig Austinson (Blue Earth County), Leo Getsfried (MN Department of Natural Resources) – “Ditch Modifications

Todd Kolander (MN Department of Natural Resources) – “Assessing Downstream Effects”

Andry Ranaivoson (University of Minnesota) – “Woodchip Bioreactor Results From Minnesota

Paul Wymar (Chippewa River Watershed Project) – “Watershed Response to Water Storage

Craig Austinson (Blue Earth County), Chuck Brandel (I&S Group) – “Multiple Landowner Drainage Projects: What Really Happened?”