Conservation and Strip-Tillage Expos

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Tillage Demo at Kramer Farm2007 Events

Midwest Expo

The Midwest Strip Tillage Expo was held on July 31 at Hawkeye Community College in Waterloo, Iowa. Field demonstrations of strip tillage equipment were carried out by representatives of nine manufacturers plus one farmer-built unit. Well-known area farmer-engineer Clay Mitchell demonstrated several technologies, including guidance at the tillage unit, controlled traffic, and fertilizer application combined with strip tillage. more >>

Northern Expo

The Northern Strip Tillage Expo was held on August 14 at the Jerry Nordick Farm near Fergus Falls, MN. Field demonstrations of strip tillage equipment were carried out by representatives of twelve manufacturers, the largest-ever strip tillage demonstration. The Expo was hosted by Extension of the University of Minnesota and North Dakota State University. more >>

2006 Event

Strip Tillage Expos: Tillage for Today & Tomorrow

Over 600 farmers and agricultural professionals participated in field demonstrations and education sessions at the July Strip-Tillage Expos held at the University of Minnesota Research and Outreach Centers at Lamberton and Waseca. The nine strip-tillage implements may have been the largest collection ever run side-by-side. Attendance was strong at the education sessions on comparative yield response, soil fertility management, and guidance systems for strip-tillage. Of special interest was the noon panel of experienced strip-tillage farmers, who answered in-depth management questions. With the recent rise in fuel and fertilizer prices, farmers are attracted by the potential fuel savings and lower banded phosphorus and potassium fertilizer rates that strip-tillage offers. The Expos were capstone events following two years of on-farm conservation tillage trials and demonstrations. The project was carried out by University of Minnesota Extension and Experiment Station staff in collaboration with staff of the Monsanto Company.

2004-2005 Events

Conservation Tillage Field Days were held in various counties around Minnesota in 2004 and 2005.

Jodi DeJong-Hughes explains soil structure to farmersExtension Educator Jodi DeJong-Hughes explains
soil structure and management, Kramer Farm, Conservation 
Tillage Field Day, Sibley County, 2005