Building Minnesota’s Capacity for Climate Adaptation

The 2014 Conference on Climate Adaptation is designed for local officials, planners, engineers, natural resource practitioners and others who want to know more about climate adaptation strategies. Learn about new plans that have been implemented or tested in various sectors, including human health, local governmental entities, college campuses, resources, recreation, and agriculture. Discover ways in which individual action could impact climate change. Our keynote speakers will provide updates on the increasing number of severe storm events, with continuing discussion in breakout sessions in the morning and afternoon. 

November 6, 2014


(Severe) Thunderstorms and Climate Change

Individual Actions for Climate Adaptation

  • Roopali Phadke, Associate Professor, Department of Environmental Studies, Macalester College
  • Patrick Hamilton, Program Director, Global Change Initiatives, Science Museum of Minnesota

Recreation/Tourism and Climate

  • John Anfinson, Superintendent, Upper Mississippi River National Park

Watershed Management for Extremes 

  • Drew Kessler, Scientist, Houston engineering, Maple Grove, Minnesota
  • Mike McMahon, Senior hydro-meteorologist W&NR Climate Change and Resiliency, HDR, Denver, Colorado
  • Jason Smith, US Army Corps of Engineers, Mississippi Valley Division, Regional Planning and Environment Division North, St Paul District

Assessing Human Vulnerability to Climate Changes

  • Brenda Hoppe, Epidemiologist, Minnesota Department of Health 
  • Kelly Muellman, Climate and Health Program Planner, Minnesota Department of Health

Strategies for Addressing Impacts of Climate on Plant Ecology 

  • Laura Phillips-Mao, Post-Doctoral Research Associate, Department of Fisheries, Wildlife and Conservation Biology, University of Minnesota

Agriculture - Adapting and Managing for Climate Change Extremes

  • Jerry Hatfield, Laboratory Director of National Laboratory for Agriculture and the Environment and Director, Midwest Climate Hub, US Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service
  • Joshua Stamper, Extension Irrigation Specialist, University of Minnesota
  • Bruce Tiffany, Agricultural Producer, Redwood Falls

Impacts on Human Health: Diseases Carried by Ticks and Mosquitoes 

  • Kristin Raab, Minnesota Climate & Health Program Director, Minnesota Department of Health
  • David Neitzel, Supervisor, Vector-Borne Disease Unit, Minnesota Department of Health 
  • Nancy Read, Technical Coordinator, Metropolitan Mosquito Control District

Climate Adaptation in Rural Minnesota

  • Kathryn Draeger, Statewide Program Director, Regional Sustainable Development Partnerships

Lessons in Campus Climate Adaptation