Customizable onsite system owner's guide goes online

With over 30 percent of new neighborhoods installing decentralized wastewater systems, the creation of a simplified, individualized web-based operation manual for individual homeowners or those living within a community septic system only made sense. 

“You can have the most state-of-the-art onsite wastewater treatment system, but if homeowners are unaware of the on-going, routine maintenance the system requires to properly protect the environment and water quality, the system will deteriorate and public health as well as water quality will be jeopardized,” says Sara Heger, the lead member of the team that developed The Community System Owner’s Guide.

Christened H20&M The Community System Owner’s Guide, the online customizable manual template uses site and system information entered by the homeowner or small community to create a specific plan for operation and maintenance of their onsite treatment systems. Septic system professionals will use the interface to create site specific graphics and language understandable to users, as well as creating customized content that addresses the needs of each system, site and local permitting requirements. The website will also be a resource for septic system designers, septic professionals and facilitators. 

Users can save templates and the projects can be modified at any time.

Sara Heger, Dave Gustafson, Kitt Ferrell-Poe, Dan Olson, Nancy Deal, Dendra Best, Shelia Craig and Aaron Wills participated on the project development team which was funded by the USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture.

The guide will be available in summer 2015.
septic owner's online guide