WRC Director Jeff Peterson chosen as NIWR 2023 President-elect


On March 12, current National Institutes on Water Resources (NIWR ) president Oklahoma Water Resources Center director Kevin Wagner announced that WRC director Jeffrey Peterson had been elected NIWR President-elect for 2023. While Peterson did not pursue the position, he feels that the progress Minnesota has made in protecting water resources through proven research applications brought national attention to the Center.

“I believe my nomination was driven by the general perception in NIWR that the WRC is a leader in addressing water resources issues,” said Peterson.

Peterson highlighted the Water Resources Center’s role in continued research growth: the stormwater program, WINS and competitive awards like the INFEWS project. “All of these projects bring together a large network of interdisciplinary researchers.”

Other areas of work that raised the profile of Peterson and the WRC are the national reputation of Onsite Sewage Treatment Program and its recognition by UCOWR,  and the success and growing prominence of the Minnesota Water Resources Conference.

Peterson assumed his role as NIWR  President-elect May 1, 2022.