Accelerating Microbial Metabolism Through Biostimulation

A polluted water body occurs because the pollutants are being put into the system faster than the body's ecosystem can remove them. Our goal is to find a way to reduce the pollutant loads in the water by accelerating the metabolism of pollutant processing microbes, causing them to remove the pollutants in the waste stream and therefore cause less build up and hence less loading of the pollutant through the waste stream. The is performed by determining which, type of field, electric, magnetic, or electromagnetic, will benefit the microbe's metabolism positively and then find the optimum strength and/or frequency of the wave or field produced. By finding these quantities, we hope to implement field devices in waste streams and agricultural tile drainage systems to find out what sort of impact electromagnetic waves can have on the growing pollution problem.

Project Staff: 

Thomas Vennemann, Chanlan Chun, Eric Singsaas, and Mark Peltier