Designing of the Next Generation of Sustainable Urban Stormwater Practices



Tom Schueler, Executive Director, and David Wood, Stormwater Coordinator; Chesapeake Stormwater Network; Baltimore, MD

Thursday, November 19, 2020 - 10:00am


The design of urban stormwater practices has been under continuous evolution over the last five decades in response to new sizing criteria, flooding concerns, changing climate and practice failure. This webcast will look into the future about what the next generation of stormwater designs may look like, using bioretention and swales as case study. Future practices in the Chesapeake Bay watershed will need to provide more reliable pollutant removal, be resilient in the face of extreme rainfall and have a sustainable maintenance burden that can extend their design life. CSN will briefly summarize some of the key research in each of these areas, and discuss their implications for current and future design. Lastly, CSN will suggest some pathways for adopting these changes into the next generation of stormwater manuals.

Speaker Bios

Tom Schueler photoTom Schueler, Executive Director, Chesapeake Stormwater Network: Tom has 35 years of experience in practical aspects of stormwater and restoration practices to protect and restore urban watersheds. Tom directs the Chesapeake Stormwater Network, a non-profit devoted to training and engaging the public and private sectors to build more sustainable practices. Our mission is to help restore the Chesapeake Bay and the thousands of miles of streams that drain our nation’s watershed.

Tom also serves as the stormwater coordinator for the EPA Chesapeake Bay Program and has guided a dozen expert panels to consensus on the best practices to reduce runoff and pollutants from the urban sector. Some notable expert panels included stormwater retrofits, stream restoration, low impact development practices, urban nutrient management, street cleaning and floating treatment wetlands.

In his career, Tom has written more than 50 stormwater design manuals, research reports on best practices, and other watershed guidance documents. Tom founded the Center for Watershed Protection in 1992, and loves stream walks, floodplain reconnection, and kingfishers, in season.

David Wood photo

David Wood, Stormwater Coordinator, Chesapeake Stormwater Network: David is the Stormwater Coordinator for the Chesapeake Stormwater Network, where he develops training programs, and technical resources for a network of over 11,000 stormwater professionals from across the Chesapeake Bay watershed. Prior to joining CSN, David worked at the Chesapeake Bay Program Office, supporting tracking and implementation of best management practices for the Chesapeake Bay TMDL. David has his BA in Biology from St. Mary’s College of Maryland.