Climate Adaptation Conference Attendee Presentations

2020 Slides

PDF iconKeynote Presentation by Beth Gibbons
PDF iconAwards Ceremony


Tools + Planning

PDF iconTop Tools for Climate Adaptation and Planning in Minnesota

Water Resources + Flooding

PDF iconCross-jurisdictional partnership creating more climate resilience
PDF iconFrom large to small scale modeling, details do matter…
PDF iconMore rain in intense storms – what cities and NOAA can do about it
PDF iconClimate adaptation through floodplain restoration

Collaboration + Community Engagement

PDF iconCollaboration with grassroots groups: Expanding your work into the community
PDF iconClimate adaptation in the 1854 Ceded Territory: Climate program development and implementation
PDF iconGreat Lakes One Water: The resilient future project
PDF iconReady North: Community collaboration for disaster resilience


Farmers adaption to “weird weather”: Climate adaptation in agriculture


Tools + Trends

PDF iconScenarios of the demographic impact of climate change in Minnesota
PDF iconMinnesota winter weather weakening in the climate change era
PDF iconMultidisciplinary collaboration to predict and measure the new water budget

Forest Management

Adapting forests to climate change through operational-scale partnership

Policy + Planning

PDF iconClimate adaptation and resilience planning for Minnesota

Public Health

PDF iconHealth professionals for a healthy climate: Diverse educational approaches


Tribal Responses to Climate Change

PDF iconDibaginjigaadeg Anishinaabe Ezhitwaad: A tribal climate adaptation menu

Natural Resources Management

Applied ecological science for climate: Adapted natural resource management

Policy + Planning

PDF iconThe future of Minnesota’s clean water in a changing climate

Public Health

PDF iconMinnesota’s heating up: Assess to adapt!

Climate Adaptation Webinars/Conference