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May 9-11, 2017 - Saint Paul, Minnesota #NAF2017

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The Minnesota Climate Adaptation Awards, presented by the Minnesota Climate Adaptation Partnership (MCAP), recognize and celebrate exceptional achievements in leadership, education, research, policies, and practices that improve resilience and develop, advance, or implement climate adaptation strategies.

AWARD CATEGORIES                                                    

INDIVIDUAL: Any individual who has offered significant leadership, provided education, developed or implemented strategies, conducted research, or otherwise made an impact in the field of climate adaptation in Minnesota.

Contributions should have extended over a period of years and achieved impacts across a breadth of audiences or disciplines.

ORGANIZATION: Any non-profit, team, community of faith, youth group, neighborhood association, etc. that has achieved significant progress or implemented practices or projects to advance climate adaptation in Minnesota.

INSTITUTION: Any local government unit, state or federal agency, educational institution, etc. that has achieved progress or implemented significant programs, projects or policies that advance climate adaptation in Minnesota.

BUSINESS: Any private sector, for-profit business or company that has implemented significant practices, programs, projects, or policies to advance climate adaptation in Minnesota.

Please submit nominations to Mark Seeley 

Full Call for Nominations (pdf)