Water Resources Assembly and Research Symposium

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January 24, 2020

In response to state and global needs, distinct but overlapping communities of researchers have grown at the University of Minnesota to address water resources issues and to inform the management of invasive species in
aquatic and terrestrial environments. These communities have been fostered by interdisciplinary centers - the Water Resources Center (WRC), the Minnesota Aquatic Invasive Species Research Center (MAISRC), and the
Minnesota Invasive Terrestrial Plants and Pests Center (MITPPC). Each center and community has unique assets of expertise, scientific approaches, and external relationships. Emerging work reveals an opportunity to connect these communities and build on their complementary assets. Several lines of problem-driven research are identifying biological, chemical and physical linkages between water and invasive species. For example, one set of linkages occur because invasives modify the environment in ways that alter the watershed hydrology or water quality. Other linkages arise from invasive control measures that leave environmental residuals. Still others come from long-term environmental drivers that make aquatic environments more vulnerable invasive spread. This symposium is a forum for researchers and stakeholders to learn about recent work at the water-invasives nexus, hear perspectives from managers on future needs, and discuss opportunities for new collaborations to address these issues.

Summary of 2018 Event

Photo of Vipin KumarFriday, January 19, 2018
St. Paul Student Center, Northstar Ballroom

Event Summary from Jeff Peterson

Poster Session
Twelve students presented their research during the course of the entire event.

Perspectives on Water Resources Research and Education at the University of Minnesota 
Presentations and panel discussion demonstrated the scope of work and opportunities to advance water resources work at the University of Minnesota. 
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Inaugural Headwaters Lecture by Professor Vipin Kumar
Dr. Kumar is the Regents Professor and William Norris Endowed Chair in Computer Science and Engineering. 
Click here for details on the Headwaters Lecture and to view the recording of his presentation.

Symposium on Digital Water
With the University of Minnesota’s assets and expertise, we are extraordinarily well positioned to shape the frontier research at the interface of data and water sciences. We brought together experts across the University system to discuss our strategic position, and to guide an emerging partnership between the Water Resources Center and Minnesota Supercomputing Institute to expand capacity in the digital water space.  Discussion summaries will be shared with University administration, the Water Council, and symposium participants. 
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Panelists talking about water research and education