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a message from Director Jeff Peterson


Minnegram welcomes Shore to Shore readers
Welcome to the inaugural issue of the combined newsletter of Shore to Shore and Minnegram. The integrated quarterly newsletter is emblematic of the partnership between the Water Resources Center and the Extension Water Team. Both are committed to sound water research and programing to educate Minnesota citizens about their water resources. Shore to Shore and Minnegram are key components in communication of the work of Extension, the WRC and the Water Resources Science graduate program. 

2017 NIWR grant awardees showcase diversity of water research
The USGS-funded NIWR 2017 grant competition yielded three project awardees, announced earlier this year. Funding is available to researchers (pending Congressional budget action later this year) through WRC's selection process, which chooses from submitted competent applied and peer reviewed research submissions each November. This year's grants highlight methods to mitigate nitrogen and phosphorus from drain tile, open source monitoring of turbidity in surface water and test the efficacy of buffer strips in deterring the export of organic matter and the resulting algal blooms.

Citizen involvement makes Otter Tail River watershed a better place
by Karen Terry UMN Extension Water Team
There are a lot of cool things happening in the Otter Tail River Watershed: state and local entities are in the early stages of the developing the Watershed Restoration and Protection Strategy (WRAPS), the Otter Tail River Watershed Civic Engagement Cohort is wrapping up, and the inaugural Aqua Chautauqua will take place this summer.

Adaptive Management for De-icing in Minnesota
by Larry Baker, WRS faculty, BBE
Road salt use has increased in the U.S. by five-fold since the 1960s. Contamination from road salt has become one of the most serious urban pollutants for cities in cold climates.

Did you know University of Minnesota Extension partners with the Water Resources Center?
by Mike Schmitt, associate dean, Extension and CFANS
As part of the University of Minnesota, Extension brings University research and education that improves economic, social and environmental conditions to all of Minnesota. Both Extension and the Water Resources Center are committed to improving water quality through research and education. By partnering together, both organizations have been able to maximize expertise and engage stakeholders to achieve our mutual goals.


*Minnesota Water Resources Conference Call for Abstracts*

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