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WRC newcomer Maggie Karschina moves projects ahead despite Covid hurdles

Maggie Karschnia joined the Water Resources Center and Minnesota Sea Grant as an Extension Educator August 2021. Starting a new job mid-pandemic had some unique challenges. Minnegram asked Karschnia her new work experiences and projects fared with the COVID backdrop

Can variable rate irrigation combat groundwater issues in Minnesota?
by Taylor Becker

More than 25% of groundwater in the state of Minnesota is pumped for irrigating agricultural crops. This makes irrigation the second-largest user of groundwater in the state (Freshwater Society, 2013).

The importance of your shoreland trees

Trees and shrubs are an excellent, inexpensive and attractive way to control runoff and erosion.

Climate Adaptation Awards showcase Minnesota stories

The Minnesota Climate Adaptation Partnership (MCAP) celebrated achievements in leadership, education, research, policies and practices in a virtual awards ceremony January 31, 2022. The awards recognize work that improves resilience or climate justice through the development, advancement or implementation of climate adaptation strategies.


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