Minnegram welcomes Shore to Shore readers

Welcome to the inaugural issue of the combined newsletter of Shore to Shore and Minnegram. The integrated quarterly newsletter is emblematic of the partnership between the Water Resources Center and the Extension Water Team. Both are committed to sound water research and programing to educate Minnesota citizens about their water resources. Shore to Shore and Minnegram are key components in communication of the work of Extension, the WRC and the Water Resources Science graduate program.  shoretoshorelogo

Shore to Shore began as informational piece for the Shoreland volunteer program, later expanding to include general water and environmental topics. Over the past 20 years, Shore to Shore continued to provide volunteers with monitoring information, while providing reading for a broader audience, with diverse topics including geese, ice safety and conservation drainage. Shore to Shore will continue to serve its audience within the Minnegram, with the water team contributing two features per issue. Find archived Shore to Shore issues here.

Minnegram, a play on words from the Dakota word for water, minne, and the Greek word for letter, gram, has been in publication in various forms since Al Quie declared the Year of Water Awareness in 1979. What began as a reporting venue for center research, gradually became a broader publication, showcasing water resource research and programs at large in the university water community. Regular Minnegram readers can look forward to the new Shore to Shore features, as well as continued coverage of USGS-funded research and news about Water Resources Science faculty research, WRS students, publications and upcoming events.

The combined efforts of the Shore to Shore staff and Minnegram editors will continue to highlight the research, scholarship, policy issues and events that will move Minnesota further into a future of clean water for generations to come.