Project Staff: 

Erin Corwine


Minnesota Department of Natural Resources

Project Duration: 



Teaching people about lake and stream ecology by teaching them to fish is the idea behind the MinnAqua - Aquatic Education Program. MinnAqua is a statewide education program designed to teach angling recreation and stewardship as well as the ecology and conservation of aquatic habitats.

Family groups, youth groups like Scouts and 4-H, women, seniors, immigrants, and people with disabilities can all enjoy the opportunities for fun and connecting with nature that fishing provides. MinnAqua's goal is to provide fun, active, "hands-on" experience with fishing to get participants excited about learning and being involved with their local aquatic ecosystems, To this end, the MinnAqua serves approximately 40,000 participants each year across Minnesota.

Erin Corwine is the MinnAqua program contact in the Twin Cities metropolitan area. MinnAqua also has contacts in Duluth, New Ulm, as well as a currculum specialist. More information about MinnAqua can be found at http://www.dnr.state.mn.us/minnaqua/

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