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A message from Associate Director Joel Larson


Exploring virtual nitrogen fertilizer research plots in Minnesota corn fields
by Greg Klinger

Every spring, as tractors and planters spread out across rural Minnesota, seeding the earth with what will become the annual crop of corn, soybeans, wheat and other agricultural commodities, University of Minnesota researchers are out in full force, as well. They use flagging and GPS to establish research plots on University research farms or private farms across the state, planting and fertilizing these controlled experiments in order to expand our knowledge on how to effectively manage insect pests, diseases, and nutrients.

Wastewater and COVID-19 – What are the risks?
by Sara Heger

The current global pandemic caused by COVID-19 has highlighted the interconnectedness of our planet in ways that were underappreciated by the average American until now. In the US, biomedical scientists, physicians, and public health officials are working to effectively respond to the thousands of infected people, while simultaneously monitoring the spread of COVID. In order to accurately assess the damage done by the virus and effectively protect the public, learning more about COVID-19 is critical.

2020 Minnesota Water Resources Conference moves online 
Minnesota Water Resources Conference co-chair and Water Resources Center Director Jeff Peterson announced that due to continuing uncertainties about the COVID-19 pandemic, the conference planning committee made the decision to move the conference to an online-only format. “Our decision was made to ensure the health and safety of all participants, as well as to provide inclusive and equal access to all regardless of individual health risks,” said Peterson. 

UCOWR announces awards online in lieu of conference presentations
UCOWR posted the awards that would have been presented at the conference October 2020 in Minneapolis Minnesota. Several WRC researchers and associates received virtual recognition


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