Field Work podcast features Extension educators Brad Carlson and DeJong-Hughes

By Brad Carlson

American Public Media/National Public Radio has launched a podcast series directed towards farmers called Field Work.  The series focuses on topics related to environmental stewardship and sustainability.  

fieldwork image

Extension Educators Brad Carlson and Jodi DeJong-Hughes from the Water Resources team were each featured in recent episodes.  DeJong-Hughes was on one of the first episodes and discussed practicing reduced tillage and some of her work and research in that area.  A range of topics were covered including soil health, reducing erosion and compaction. 

Carlson's episode came out just after Memorial Day and discussed nitrogen management and the connection with water quality.  Some of the basic principles of how nitrogen behaves in the environment, and how and why to make management decisions based on site characteristics and the climate were covered.  Brad was accompanied by farmer Mark Bauer, the two have had a working relationship for over 20 years.  Together Mark and Brad talked about fertility management on Mark’s farm and how it is possible to use practices that maximize profit while minimizing impact on the environment. 

The podcast series is the brainchild of Annie Baxter from American Public Media and is an outgrowth of her work with Minnesota Public Radio’s The Water Main.  The hosts of the podcast are Zach Johnson, who has become a YouTube sensation as The Millennial Farmer, and Mitchel Hora, who farms and consults on the topic of soil health.  Johnson is from the Alexandria, MN area, and Hora is from Southeast Iowa. The Field Work series is available for download from National Public Radio’s web site, as well as other places that host podcasts such as Stitcher and iTunes.  Longer, unedited versions with video are available on YouTube.