Fall 2016 Student News

Elizabeth Henley received her MS degree in May 2016. Her thesis was titled: Identifying Opportunities for Integrated Water Resources Management: Using Minnesota’s One Watershed, One Plan. Henley was advised by Joe Magner.

Carrie Freeman received her MS degree in June 2016. Her thesis was titled: Recent Observations and Modeling of the Physical Limnology of Lake Malawi Freeman was advised by Jay Austin.

Incoming WRS student Kathrine McLellan received two fellowships, Smith Partners and Butler Jessen. The Smith Partners Sustainability Fellowship supports interdisciplinary study for Water Resources graduate students to pursue the connections between sustainable water resources management, economics, and public policy. The Fellowship affirms the University’s commitment to sustainability initiatives through cultivation of interdisciplinary problem-solving, collaborative leadership, and public private partnerships. The Butler Jessen Water Resources Science Fellowship supports students admitted into graduate programs within the University of Minnesota's Water Resources Center, a leader in freshwater management that connects University of Minnesota expertise to research problems on the national level. McLellan is advised by Joe Magner.

Cody Tennant received his MS degree in May 2016. His thesis was titled: Analysis of Inorganic Carbon and pH in the Western Arm of Lake Superior. Tennant was advised by Elizabeth Austin-Minor.