Fall 2016 Resources and Publications

Brown trout Salmo trutta growth and condition along a winter thermal gradient in temperate streams

French, W. E., B. Vondracek, L. C. Ferrington Jr., J. C. Finlay and D. J. Dieterman. 2016. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences

Winter harshness and the degree to which it can impact stream dwelling salmonid populations has received considerable attention from fisheries biologists, although some debate exists regarding the importance of winter severity for local populations. Groundwater input may buffer stream water temperature and benefit fish in buffered vs. unbuffered streams. 

Experimental sulfate amendment alters peatland bacterial community structure

Strickmana, R.J.S., R.R. Fulthorpea, J.K. Coleman Wasikb, 1 D.R. Engstrom and C.P.J. Mitchella. 2016. Science Direct

As part of a long-term, peatland-scale sulfate addition experiment, the impact of varying sulfate deposition on bacterial community responses was assessed using 16S tag encoded pyrosequencing. In three separate areas of the peatland, sulfate manipulations included an eight year quadrupling of atmospheric sulfate deposition (experimental), a 3-year recovery to background deposition following 5 years of elevated deposition (recovery), and a control area.

Performance of a composite bioactive membrane for H 2 production and capture from high strength wastewater

Prieto, A.L., L. Sigtermans, B.R. Mutlu, A. Aksan and W. Arnold. 2016. Environmental Science: Water Research and Technology

In this study, a composite bioactive membrane was developed and tested to generate and 
capture hydrogen (H2) during the process of wastewater treatment. Hollow fiber membranes 
were coated with encapsulated acetogenic bacteria to simultaneously produce and ...

Increased variability and sudden ecosystem state change in Lake Winnipeg, Canada, caused by 20th century agriculture

Bunting, L., P.R. Leavitt, G.L. Simpson, B. Wissel and K.R. Laird. 2016. Limnology and Oceanography

Abstract Eutrophication can initiate sudden ecosystem state change either by slowly pushing 
lakes toward a catastrophic tipping point beyond which self-reinforcing mechanisms 
establish an alternate stable state, or through rapid but persistent changes in external ...

Flow-related dynamics in suspended algal biomass and its contribution to suspended particulate matter in an agricultural river network of the Minnesota River Basin, USA

Dolph, C. L., A. T.  Hansen and J. C. Finlay. 2016.  Hydrobiologia

Abstract Factors controlling phytoplankton dynamics in lotic systems remain poorly 
understood relative to those in standing waters, especially in smaller and mid-size streams. 
Here, we evaluate relationships between stream flow, suspended algal biomass, and ...

Clean Water Fund Water Reuse project
A group of state agencies and other interested parties are working to advance safe and sustainable reuse in Minnesota. Efforts include clarifying the regulatory pathway for water reuse and evaluating resources needed for successful implementation of water reuse. Learn more about this Clean Water Fund project, sign up for project updates, and find the group’s meeting schedule and opportunities for input at the project website