From Minnesota down the Mighty Mississippi - The Watershed Game takes hold in the Gulf of Mexico

By John Bilotta and Cynthia Hagley

The Watershed Game has extended its reach to the coast along the Gulf of Mexico. Now under development, new coast models for both the Local Leader and Classroom Versions will be available in 2020.The new coast models not only expand the Watershed Game’s geographic representation and use, but also add excess nitrogen an a pollutant of concern to excess phosphorus and sediment, the two pollutants addressed by the game currently. The new coast models also incorporate approaches to increasing community resilience in the face of extreme storms and sea level rise. 

The Watershed Game consists of a large scale ‘game board’ that represents multiple landscapes and uses that impact water quality. The new Coast Models will feature play that challenges participants to apply plans, practices, and policies to help  meet clean water goals for protection and restoration while also increasing community  resilience.  

The Coast Models of the Watershed Game will be featured in pilot test workshops in February 2020 in New Orleans, LA and Mobile, AL.  The new models are being developed by Minnesota Sea Grant, Mississippi-Alabama Sea Grant Consortium, Alabama Water Institute and the NOAA Office of Coastal Management. 

The Watershed Game is a program and tool developed and led by Minnesota Sea Grant and University of Minnesota Extension.  Currently the game is available in three local leader models, Lake, River and Stream, and a Classroom youth version.  More information about the Watershed Game can be found online

watershed board