April 15th Research Spotlight


Presentation 1:

Title: Inspiring Community Action for Stormwater Management
Presented by: Sarah Roth and Amit Pradhananga; University of Minnesota

young woman standing beside a river

Sarah Roth

This project aims to support and inform community-centered water science, policy, and management by sharing multiple narratives gathered on urban water and stormwater management from diverse study participants including municipal, watershed organization and tribal staff; attendees at cultural and community events in the Twin Cities; and community leaders and residents in two Twin Cities watershed areas. We used community-engaged research design strategies, participatory data collection methods, and collaborative data analysis to build relationships and document diverse perspectives about water and community. Importantly, we explored questions of water justice including how the voices of communities in general, and Black, Indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) specifically, might be better represented and elevated in water science, policy, and management. The goals of the project were to

Photo of young man with glasses in a blue polo shirt

Amit Pradhananga

1. Assess the capacity of municipalities across Minnesota to engage their communities in stormwater management.
2. Examine what motivates residents, including racially and ethnically diverse residents in Minnesota metropolitan areas, to engage in community issues such as stormwater management.
3. Explored the roles community-based organizations and local government officials play in inspiring community action for stormwater management.

Speaker Bio:  Sarah Roth is a researcher at the Center for Changing Landscapes, University of Minnesota. She conducts research on conservation behavior and decision making – specifically understanding the beliefs, drivers, and barriers associated with conservation action. She is interested in community-based research and equitable engagement methods.

Amit Pradhananga is a Research Associate at the Center for Changing Landscapes, University of Minnesota. He conducts research on the social and human dimensions of natural resource management, including water management, climate change, and invasive species management. His research interests include community engagement, and equity and inclusion in natural resource management.