Daniel Wheeler

Onsite Sewage Treatment Program
Soil, Water and Climate
S525 Soils Building
1991 Upper Buford Circle
St. Pau., MN 55108
+1 612 625 8791
612 625 1263

Dan Wheeler is a Research Fellow/Instructor in the Dept. of Soil, Water and Climate and the Water Resources Center. His research interests focus on interpreting landscape-scale hydrology and soil morphology to assess environmental issues such as water quality, wetlands and soil erosion. He teaches several Soil Science courses on the UM campus and is also involved in several outreach activities including conducting soils training workshops for the Onsite Sewage Treatment Program and Wetland Delineation Certification Program.

Dan has a M. S. degree in Soil Science with a Water Resources Science Minor and a B. S. in Environmental Science from the University of Minnesota.