9/22/16 WRC Associate Director Faye Sleeper is quoted in the Minneapolis Star Tribune article Report finds a new pollutant-tiny bits of plastics and fiber-building up in the Mississippi.  

8/11/16 The Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research has appointed WRC Director Jeff Peterson to the Water Use Advisory Council. Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research Advisory Council members advise foundation staff and board members regarding program development and implementation, potential partnerships, and other matters of significance to the organization’s mission to support innovative science addressing today’s food and agriculture challenges. Individuals representing diverse industries, geographic areas, and professional backgrounds were selected to serve on the Foundation's six Advisory Councils from a competitive pool of applicants nominated through an open solicitation. Each council member will serve two or three-year terms, and meet virtually three times per year. Each Advisory Council is led by a Chair, appointed to facilitate discussion, build consensus and serve as a liaison to the Foundation’s board.

7/18/16 In Water issues require integrated Extension research, education and community engagement  Source Magazine reports on UM Extension efforts to balance multiple uses of Minnesota waters with maintaining water quality.  The Water Resources Center is a partner in this effort and Director Jeff Peterson is quoted in the story. "Because of the extraordinary water resources we have in Minnesota, geographically we're like a living laboratory.  We've developed the capacity to address a whole range of water-related issues in many different fields of study."